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It has been over many years that Empire Gen Construction USA Inc. being a family business is privileged to offer its services as one of the best New York General Construction, Building Restoration, Masonry, Concrete, Home Improvement, Building Cleaning, Waterproofing as well as Roofing Contractor and maintains a highly valued clientele. Our Licensed and Fully Insured Company provides Free of Cost Inspection, Free Estimation on the site, complete guidance regarding your General Construction needs, and on top of all “Satisfaction”. Realizing the fact that the maintenance of your Houses, Commercial Buildings, Warehouses and Offices etc. is very important and keeping in view your General Construction, Masonry, Concrete, Roofing, Waterproofing, Brick Work, Brick Grinding & Pointing, Building Restoration, Building Cleaning and Building Repair needs, we are available as one of the most successful and reliable General Construction Contractors in New York and Tri-State Area.

In addition to being General Construction Contractors in NYC, Empire GEN Construction USA Inc. is Brooklyn Roofing Contractors, Bronx Roofing Contractors, Queens Roofing Contractors and Manhattan Roofing Contractors and also dependable and hardworking Roofing as well as Waterproofing Service Provider in The City of NY & Tri State Area. Not only this, our company has got a Special Rigger License for entertaining its picclients’ Exterior Rigging project requirements. We feel glad to be considered as Flat Roof Specialists in NYC & Tri-State Area.

Our objective to follow professionalism, honesty with work, and 100% customer satisfaction has been witnessed by the entire City of New York and due to that, we have got a high standing in the General Construction market. Our friendly services can be availed at very affordable rates. Our clients would be pleased to know that we offer Free of Cost Inspection and Estimation, followed by Advisory Services and Construction Guidelines to help them make correct decisions.

Top New York Roofing Contractor - The Premier Roof Replacement, Roof Repair & Roofing Installation Contractors for Residential, Commercial & Industrial Roofing

We are one of the best Roofing Contractors in New York. All services ranging from Repairing the Roofs to Flat Roofs as well as Skylight Installations and Roof Leakage solutions are provided by our company. Empire Gen Construction USA Inc. is glad to be Licensed by Firestone for all its clients’ warranty needs.

Building Restoration, Home Improvement, Brick Work & Roofing Contractors in New York City - Amongst The Best Home Improvement Services in New York & Tri-State

Not only the above mentioned services, but also your Building Restoration & Home Improvement desires are catered by Empire Gen Construction USA Inc. A variety of services are provided to make your dreams come true according to your style and taste. It includes Building Restoration, Bathroom Renovation, Kitchen Renovation, Flashings, Patio, Masonry Work, Brick Work, Concrete Work, Siding, Sidewalk, Cement Work, Roofing, Basement Waterproofing as well as any additional General Construction Requirements.
Local Law 11 Work, Rigger Work, Removal of Commercially Issued Violations

Certifications by HDP and approval by DCA have assisted Empire Gen Construction USA Inc. to provide inexpensive services to the customers even in the violation concerns. To conform by the Local Law 11 Engineering, City Reports is our priority while doing all our work. Our area of specialization includes Masonry Work, Brick Work, Waterproofing, Window Lintels, Window Sills, Brick Sealer, Drop Ceiling, Power Wash, Brick Grinding & Brick Pointing Services, Thoroseal, Thorocoat and Paint Work etc.

All Reports As Per Full Customer Satisfaction

List of our satisfied clientele, their faith and testimonials is the proof of our high quality work at very affordable rates and thus gives us a competitive advantage over our competitors in the General Construction Industry. We are licensed and certified by The New York Consumer Affairs Department.

Residential, Commercial & Industrial Contractors for Interior and Exterior Waterproofing Requirements

As mentioned above, Empire Gen Construction USA Inc. provides Waterproofing, Roofing as well as Home Improvement Services to the City of NY and also to the Tri-State Area encompassing the Hudson Valley, Yonkers, 5 Boroughs and Westchester. Our proficiency lies in the General Construction, Roofing, Waterproofing Services as well as Building Restoration & Roof Repair, dealing with Commercial Violations and Remodeling of Commercial, Residential as well as Industrial areas.

Services provided by one of the best NY General Construction Contractor in New York & the the Tri-State Area:

General Construction
Roof Installation
Sidewalk / Concrete Work
Cold Roofs
Wood Work
Flat Roofs
Hot Roofs
Renovation & Restoration Work
Rubberized Roofs
Four Ply Roof
Windows / Doors
EPDM Roofing
Residential Roofing
Dry Wall
Roof Replacement / Roof Repair
Commercial Roofing
Plaster & Paint
Local Law 11 Work
Industrial Roofing
Kitchen & Bathroom
Stucco Work
Cement Work
Remodelling Work
Brick Grinding & Pointing
All Kinds of Stucco
Home Improvement
Brick Work
California Stucco
Brick Replacement
Chimney Work
Parapet Walls
All Kinds of Flashings
Sheet Rock Work
Window Lintels & Window Sills
Black Top
Power Wash / Steam Wash
Scaffold Work
Pressure Wash
Shingle Roofs
Brick Sealer (Waterproofing)
Building Cleaning
Demolition Work
Ceramic Tiles
Basement Waterproofing
Roof Hatches
Tile Work
Fire Escapes
Scupper / Drains
Wooden & Metal Beams
Window Caulking
Vinyl Tiles
Ceiling / Drop Ceiling
Terracotta Work
Building Restoration
Thorocoat / Thoroseal
All Kinds of Vents
Metal Flashing / Metal Capping
Coping Stones


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