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Client Reviews & Testimonials


Roofing Services

      These people are just like angels – they washed away all my worries by fixing and repairing my building’s roof that got badly damaged after the heavy rain & snow! They are like a life saver; they not only fortified the roof but also saved me and my family from the hassle that is caused because of inefficient and troublesome contractors. The previous contractor was highly incompetent and made me pay through the nose; they charged us not too low either but the satisfaction and the contentment that they provide with their reliable and committed behavior makes one feel that they are worth being paid. I have told heaps of friends about it and they are also as satisfied as I am. They are truly experienced and possess a great skill of work. They work your way – At the end you get peace of mind and you just love your roof as you know that it’s in safe hands now. Thanks to the roofing services who gave us wonderful roof finish and yes reliability and durability of course, anyone could love them like we do, try them to believe them!


Waterproofing Services

      Waterproofing has become the ultimate need of the hour, as it reduces the investment and worth of your building if your Building Leaks and is not fully protected. As the rainy season approached I rushed down to see the news papers, surf the net, talked to friend to get a contractor hired to provide the Roof & Basement Waterproofing Services, but the hunt always went unfruitful when I got in the trap of some so-called-professional company that gave me a very non-professional services and we had to suffer! “Sigh”  - This time has passed and now I am cling to just the right people, thanks to the boy next door who connected me with this miraculous company! Man, they are just perfect – they won my heart. I, now, cannot think of contacting anyone else apart from Empire Gen Construction USA Inc. They not only fixed the leaks at my building but also helped me repair the roof and leaks of my office building. I recommended them to a few of my friends and they fell in love with their efficiency and commitment. They have a lot to give you, they protect your property from depreciating, they worth of your asset doesn’t fall, it remains durable and in the rainy season you will not have the fear of leaks as you know that right people have done the right thing for you. Isn’t it great – so don’t wait just call them, hire them and like them!


Concrete Services

        To enjoy the warmth and coziness of summers I and my family always craved for a perfect Patio – We always stopped to do it as we just didn’t know who to hook up with! Yes, we were afraid of a couple of instances and bad happenings that were suffered by few of my friends and people in our social circle, they went for a well know and reputed concrete service providers but ended by being robbed. They were provided with an inferior quality concrete that worn out quickly! Alas, we were so afraid! Thanks to this wonderful crew of General Contractors who are real people, they are so kind and polite, they won our trust. True professionals I must say. They answer all your concerns and ambiguities with real patience and very customer friendly they are! We are glad, we chose you, thanks for doing our patio and yes now we can enjoy our terrace and backyard too. My kids love it; they now play in sunny and warm breeze. We look forward to hire them for future works too – they will now be our ultimate Concrete Service Providers as they give us quality and satisfaction. My neighbors will hire you too now so a lot of business is coming your way. Keep up the good work, we love you!


Masonry Services

Thank you for the admirable services that you presented us. You guys have a mastery in stone work an masonry – all my fears flared up when my marriage was approaching and I had to design my room with all the masonry work and wanted to get an artistic look and my wife has a head of aesthetics. I hired this highly professional crew on the recommendation of a friend and believe me they did wonders! I got nothing but admirations from everyone who saw my room. My wife drooled over it. You made it – These guys not only did the stone work in the fireplace but did some magnificent work on the pillars and walls too! They used the right material, quality material that was just perfect. I recommended them to my office crew and my neighbors and friends and now they have become a must have masonry service gang. They make ordinary things and places look so brilliant. They give a skin that you adore and cherish f or a life time.  They are now helping me with some new projects; they are patient, committed and deliver above the expected level. They are detail oriented and keep an eye on all the technical aspects and the artistic aspects the right choice of hues and colors and patterns – their hands are like magic wands! They do magic.

Brick Grinding & Pointing Services

      Being a contractor, my work never ends. I have to strive hard all and through to get some real contractors in my plate so that I can undertake my contracts timely and make my customers happy. This Brick Grinding and Pointing Service is something that I rely on truly. They never gave me tough time, neither disappointed me. They rather keep me happy and contented. I am able to deliver the best grinded brick quality and apply them when making some famous buildings.  They are like a life line to me. I can never think of switching to any other contractor as they are reliable, hardworking and committed. They are real professionals. They not only provide you right consultancy but also provide you the assistance that whether you need brick grinding and pointing services or not. Whether it’s a small room or a skyscrapers they do it all with ultimate commitment and hard work.



The perfect decision ever taken by me was to hire this awfully awesome set of people who are just wonderful at what they do. I was always hesitant when I kicked off making my new house, loads of questions hit my mind but I was jaw droopingly impressed by what they did with my house. They just constructed something that I always dreamt about. It’s just because of the fact that they do what you want rather than doing what they want. They hear you and they do the rest of the trick with their expertise and experience. The brick work done at my new place is just fantastic. It is weather resistant, technically well-done, strong and reliable and makes me happy and wins me admirations. Thank you guys, you are amazingly I’ll call you in soon for some new stuff that’s coming my way!


Tuck Pointing Services

      If I say “you are the best in town” then yes, it won’t be wrong. You really are the best, the proof is the big D-shaped smile on my face, and you fixed all my building interior and entrances and doors, perfectly. The worth thing is that you guys stayed on budget that you promised and timely fulfilled the project requirement. I am glad that I chose you guys. You deliver some real good work ethics and exhibit customer centric behavior. I had fun working with you all. Wish you guys best of luck. If you ever require an endorsement you’ll have my bright words for you, because you deserve it. You use quality material, give right expert advices and satisfy the customers.


Fire Escape Repair Services

      This year, I was on a hunt! Yes on a hunt for some company who can deal with my metal bodies at my building – the broken rails, fences and not just repair this time I was looking for something real big! I wanted to skin them all up with something durable and aesthetically pleasing. It was so difficult, was trying to lose all my hopes when my found a reasonable company that was not so hard on my pocket but was rather very smart with what I wanted. They answered all my queries, kept me on ease, promised to stay within the range that I have in terms of budget and yes they were stunning! Did the right job, my way – I now I have wonderful metallic work done at my place, the fences look perfect and the stairs beam. This is what I always wanted! Thank you so much, I am now a loyal customer of yours.


Window Lintel Repair Services

      I dreaded it! Yes I did, whenever I had a chance to peek on the lintel of my windows I dread them. They looked so ugly. I threw a party that was arranged in our garden and guess what my friends noticed it too and I felt deeply embarrassed and thought it’s high time and it really was. Thanks to the excellent window lintel repair crew, they fixed and redid all the window lintels and gave them a pretty, fine, neat look that I adore now. The support is now not only pleasant looking but is now more durable. It is now plated with some quality material that makes it rust resistant so now it will stay for a longer while and will endure the weather jolts too. Isn’t that great! You guys are terrific – hats off to you!


Window Sill Repair Services

It was like a nightmare, when I noticed that my window sill was getting rotten. Due to the bad weather and continuous rain fall the paint vanished and water seeped in and the wood turned soft and rotten. I knew it that now it’s going be real hard to re do it! I tried to consult some local window sill repairer but got no satisfactory results when one day while surfing through net I read about this bunch of workers. This company is a star – It gave a perfect and long lasting remedy to my problem, they first came and tested the condition and the level of harm being done to the window sill and then devised a plan that made sense along with the estimated time and cost. The way they work is very professional and trustworthy that is why despite being skeptical I trusted them and my nightmare turned into satisfaction and happiness. I am glad that I made the right choice; I will call them each season to get my sills tested and fixed so that a little damage is done and I have to pay less. These people are wonderful. Thank you.


Home Improvement Services

Who doesn’t like getting a home improvement service? Everybody does, so why do people hesitate? They hesitate just as I did because of the hassle of finding the right one. So here I put my recommendations for Empire Gen Construction USA Inc. that helped me remodel my house by considering and working on all the areas that I wanted to work on. They did my building’s basement and the bathrooms and were fantastic. They used great material, which looks fabulous and pleases me every time I go to take a shower or go down in the basement. I couldn’t be happier. All the workers were professional and the company is economical. Thank you, I am deeply happy. All my future contracts will be yours, for sure!


Parapet Wall Restoration/Rebuilding Services

       I happened to see these wet spots all over the roof and the walls, water seeped in and my books placed in the troubled corner got wet. I was sad to death and didn’t know what the reason was until I read an article online. The parapet wall was a mystery to me but now I know what it is and how to save your house from the parapet wall damage dilemma. Thanks to the angelic services of this awesome company that helped me restore my house’s parapet walls and educated me too. Yesterday I pointed out 3 rooms at my office which were hit by this trouble and I proudly addressed and then referred these brilliant people. They not only help you overcome the problem but also help you avoid it in future. They are expert, professional, truly diligent and hardworking. I trust then and you will too. If you guys are having this problem, don’t delay just call and book them and get it fixed till it gets late.


Building Cleaning Services

      I am taking the expert services of building cleaning from this firm since 5 years now and guess what I never complained for a single time, can anybody be this flawless I wonder? These people are real flawless. The staff is all proficient, hardworking and very helpful. They can do it for a life time until you are not satisfied fully. I never run after them, rather they are responsible enough to clean my office building. If any problem exists they find the root cause and eradicate it. They are mind-blowing and honest. My employees never complain they are happy and so am I. I have recommended them a number of other friends and people in my social circle and they all admire them.


Building Power Wash Services

      This house of mine, has some real big windows and it’s a challenge to crystal clean them. No matter, how much I try to do it or get it done by someone stains always remained there that annoyed me and my family, but with this working crew the things are so different my windows never looked this gleaming clear. I can see my clear reflection in them that stirs my enchantment. Thank you!! You did it, just the right job! Professionalism speaks in what they do! They cleared my windows and also power washed our house’s solar panels – I enjoy the clarity now and guess what I didn’t have to pay much, they were right in on my budget, my friends and neighbors loved their work too and I shared their contact information with them, so I hope they will make more people happy now! Great Job!


General Contractor Services

      This company has bought me real glee and contentment, despite being a hard to please soul and a perfectionist I loved their work, they haven’t just reached but exceeded the expectation level. They have bought charisma into my bedroom. They worked well in my bathroom and I won overwhelming admiration from my kids and my family members. They all have become their fans. They are the conquerors of this field, a real taste they have, they play with colors and do the trick with the aesthetics that they have. They blend the modern trends with the artistic contemporary look. They make it as you want. Restoring the look that you want they do the trick with their expertise. Light on your pocket and smart at their work – they make you fall in love with what they do! The remodeling that they did in my living room speaks for their proficiencies. Try them and you won’t forget them


By Cathrene at Citysearch

      They are professional and experienced which makes me satisfied with their work. At first, I thought that are charging a little too high as compared to the other companies, but when I made a contract with them and hired them to do my work I was 100 percent satisfied. I highly recommend them for my friends and others. They have installed our roof, did the stone work and fortified wall bricks by doing the repairing tasks in our building, moreover they did power wash and painted the walls too. We were tired of our previous contractor who always gave us a tough time. Now, finally, we have got experienced professionals who work hard and honest. I will love to keep them as our contractor for undertaking future Building Repair and General Construction Work.


By Cheung at Citysearch

     This company is very professional and efficient as it has a good owner and proficient crew/supervisors. I like them and seeing their fine work in my building my neighbors also gave them work too. They re did the concrete work in my back yard and laid a new roof with manufacturer’s warranty. They are awesome with this work, if you need them just don’t give a second thought rather call them and get your work done!


By Heckter at Citysearch

     We had a great experience working with these professionals. They Installed Our Roof, did some Exterior Work and Repairing. We found them highly committed as their words and the timely completion of project was admirable. They are experts in their field. We will love to hire them in future again, if we would require getting some other work done in our building. If you are in search of professionals and reliable crew – then yes you have hit the right place, perfect company!

By AA-42 from New York, NY

     The BEST decision that I ever made was to hire the best General Contractor in town. They do excellent job, they are experienced and true professionals.


By Melanie - Manhattan NY

      Empire Gen Construction USA Inc. is a company of professionals, who are honest and hard working. The best part is that they complete the projects on time and as per your needs and satisfaction. I can always recommend them for others. They care about your home in the same way as it’s their own and fulfill the promises.


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