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Is your side walk cracked up or trees have lifted your sidewalk? We have one solution for all your problems; we provide Concrete and Asphalt Sidewalk Installation at highly suitable rates.

Concrete Work - Concrete Contractor New York - Empire Gen Construction USA Inc.

Our experts will visit the site and provide a Free Estimate for Sidewalk Repair or New Sidewalk Installation

With many years of General Construction work experience, Empire Gen Construction USA Inc. is a Licensed, Bonded and Fully Insured company. We are members of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), National Roofing Contractors Association, Building Trade Association and Certified by Firestone. With specialization in Concrete Sidewalk Repair and Concrete Sidewalk Construction in New York & Tri-State Area, our staff is considered as highly proficient and professional by our valued clients.

Empire Gen Construction is a Licensed Special Rigger for all types of Rigging Installations needed to carry out Concrete Sidewalk Repair or New Sidewalk Construction.

It is our rule, not to compromise on professionalism and to abide by regulations as provided by Local Laws.

Concrete Side Walk Construction Process

 A relevant work permit is obtained from the Department of Transport (DOT). Safe passage is provided for the public. We then remove the cracked sidewalk with a Diamond Blade Cutter and remove the debris or rubble. Then we prepare the surface before installing / constructing the new Concrete Sidewalk. We are also responsible for installing Wire Mesh and Expansion Joints. According to client’s needs, we install 3500 PSI or 4000 PSI concrete and also install anti skid lining over each sidewalk flag

Our customers don’t have to worry about facing the problem of Sidewalk Repair for a long time as our Sidewalk Projects do not require heavy repairs for up to 12 years.

You have got yourself an opportunity here! All our services are provided at cheap prices. We are just a telephone call away from you; also we will not charge you a single cent for any site visit or consultation.

If you have got queries call our personal staff members. We will be obliged to hear your problems and find a sufficient solution for them over the phone. And believe us phone consultations are free of cost.

Are you on the lookout for Expert Concrete Contractors proficient in all sort of Concrete Work?

You have just got it as top New York Concrete Contractor is here. Accommodated with skill, ability and sufficient knowledge of the area, we are just right for the job!

Particular skills and a sharp vision are needed to do perfect Concrete Work and this is our area of expertise. From the top class quality of products to accurate technical work, from expert knowledge to superior delivery of Concrete Projects done by professionals, the top New York Concrete Contractors provide it all! Contact Empire Gen Construction USA Inc. now for a Concrete Job well done!

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Concrete Sidewalk Contractor New York, NY - Empire GEN Construction USA Inc.

New York life can be hard and depressing to live at times, especially WHEN YOU HAVE TO DEAL with Building and Construction or Maintenance and Repair of Roofs, Sidewalks, Alleys and Porches. But no need to panic! One of the best NY Concrete Contractors - Empire Gen Construction USA Inc. is there to oblige you. We are the most trust worthy and dependable General Construction Company in town which ensures you a warranted, satisfactory job every time!

As Premier New York Concrete Contractors, Empire Gen Construction USA Inc. are amongst the best in their field with their many years of experience. Recognition in the market and high quality materials used, give us an upper hand over our competitors. We believe in delivering your Concrete Work on time and at a very affordable price!

NY Concrete Projects in the Tri-State area

Empire Gen Construction USA Inc. is an esteemed name among top New York Concrete Contractors, always available to answer all your Building and Construction questions. Excellent work with perfection is our firm belief

Dependable Manhattan Concrete Contractors

Talking about Concrete Construction, the best among Manhattan Concrete Contractors are brilliant in the area with their well done projects which accommodate the lifestyle of Manhattanites!

Best Queens Concrete Contractors

People mostly don’t know how to get their Concrete Work done. Just ask professionals for advice. Better than the rest of Queens Concrete Contractors, we are there to help you out! All Concrete Jobs are carried out by experts. Believe in our excellence and get your Concrete Project done on time!

Brooklyn Concrete Contractors

Empire Gen Construction USA Inc. is amongst the best Construction Service Providers in town amongst the top Brooklyn Concrete Contractors. Combining quality work and best offered prices, we ensure the best work done which will definitely make you feel satisfied!

Bronx Concrete Contractors

Our major goal is to provide the best work at very suitable rates. As the top Bronx Concrete Contractors, we aim to deliver the best every time with experience, ability and thorough knowledge of all areas of concrete jobs.

Services provided by one of the best NY General Construction Contractors in New York & the the Tri-State Area:

General Construction
Roof Installation
Sidewalk / Concrete Work
Cold Roofs
Wood Work
Flat Roofs
Hot Roofs
Renovation & Restoration Work
Rubberized Roofs
Four Ply Roof
Windows / Doors
EPDM Roofing
Residential Roofing
Dry Wall
Roof Replacement / Roof Repair
Commercial Roofing
Plaster & Paint
Local Law 11 Work
Industrial Roofing
Kitchen & Bathroom
Stucco Work
Cement Work
Remodelling Work
Brick Grinding & Pointing
All Kinds of Stucco
Home Improvement
Brick Work
California Stucco
Brick Replacement
Chimney Work
Parapet Walls
All Kinds of Flashings
Sheet Rock Work
Window Lintels & Window Sills
Black Top
Power Wash / Steam Wash
Scaffold Work
Pressure Wash
Shingle Roofs
Brick Sealer (Waterproofing)
Building Cleaning
Demolition Work
Ceramic Tiles
Basement Waterproofing
Roof Hatches
Tile Work
Fire Escapes
Scupper / Drains
Wooden & Metal Beams
Window Caulking
Vinyl Tiles
Ceiling / Drop Ceiling
Terracotta Work
Building Restoration
Thorocoat / Thoroseal
All Kinds of Vents
Metal Flashing / Metal Capping
Coping Stones


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