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Home Improvement

Home Improvement Services provided by Empire Gen Construction USA Inc. are exactly up to your requirement which is only possible with the help of our experties, dedication to work and hands on knowledge. We try our level best to meet your Home Renovation and Home Restoration needs. No matter what services you are looking for, from your Kitchen Remodeling to your Home Makeover, we are at an arm’s length to cater your needs at very affordable rates.
In order to make your dreams come true and making your home look exactly as you wish for, Empire Gen Construction USA Inc. provides you with a Cost-free Estimate together with Cost-free Inspection. After reading the testimonials on our website, you can always keep faith in us for catering to your needs, from Tile Work to new fittings and Rubberized Roofs. We are proud to see our firm among the best quality Roofing Service providers in the New York City & Tri-State Areas.
Your taste and budget is kept in view while renovating your home / offices and rendering all kinds of General Construction Services. Our customers’ smiles represent their satisfaction with our work and that is our priority.

Services provided by one of the best NY General Construction Contractor in New York & the the Tri-State Area:

General Construction
Roof Installation
Sidewalk / Concrete Work
Cold Roofs
Wood Work
Flat Roofs
Hot Roofs
Renovation & Restoration Work
Rubberized Roofs
Four Ply Roof
Windows / Doors
EPDM Roofing
Residential Roofing
Dry Wall
Roof Replacement / Roof Repair
Commercial Roofing
Plaster & Paint
Local Law 11 Work
Industrial Roofing
Kitchen & Bathroom
Stucco Work
Cement Work
Remodelling Work
Brick Grinding & Pointing
All Kinds of Stucco
Home Improvement
Brick Work
California Stucco
Brick Replacement
Chimney Work
Parapet Walls
All Kinds of Flashings
Sheet Rock Work
Window Lintels & Window Sills
Black Top
Power Wash / Steam Wash
Scaffold Work
Pressure Wash
Shingle Roofs
Brick Sealer (Waterproofing)
Building Cleaning
Demolition Work
Ceramic Tiles
Basement Waterproofing
Roof Hatches
Tile Work
Fire Escapes
Scupper / Drains
Wooden & Metal Beams
Window Caulking
Vinyl Tiles
Ceiling / Drop Ceiling
Terracotta Work
Building Restoration
Thorocoat / Thoroseal
All Kinds of Vents
Metal Flashing / Metal Capping
Coping Stones


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