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New York Roof Repair Services by Empire Gen Construction USA Inc. – Premier Roof Repair Services in all areas of NYC - Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens & Westchester

The New York Construction Market is led by Empire Gen Construction USA Inc. which provides high quality New York Roof Repair Services. We are a firm believer of always delivering First-Rate Roofing Work. For all types of Roofing Services that suit your pocket and your mind, contact us now. It’s our promise to provide outstanding Roofing Work at all times.
Using our knowledge, skills and our experience gained over the years in the New York Construction Industry we aim to provide the best services to you. In order to assist our large customer base, we now provide Roof Repair Services in Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Westchester including the rest of the Tri-State Area for your ease.

NY Roof Repairing Services

Key Features of NY Roof Repair and Maintenance Services by Empire Gen Construction USA Inc.

Residential Roof Repair Services
Are you on the lookout for proficient Residential Roof Repair Services? Get in touch with one of the best NY Roof Repair Contractors. Our Roofing Experts are equipped with years of experience and skillfulness to solve your Roof Repair issues. To end your problems and to ensure work on time, contact us now and consider your worries finished!
Commercial Roof Repair Services
Having your Commercial Roof Repair work done at cheap prices is a tough task nowadays. However, there is no need for you to worry as the top NY Roof Repair Contractor provides excellent work to fulfill your Commercial Roofing needs. Experienced professionals keeping in mind your needs and budget, regulate all the work being done skillfully.
Industrial Roof Repair Services
Along with Residential Roofing & Commercial Roofing, we also provide quality Industrial Roofing Services in New York & Tri-State Areas. We complete all your Roofing Requirements with professionalism and commitment as the most Reliable Industrial Roofing Contractor in New York.
Roof Leakage Maintenance Services
Are you facing the problem of Leaking Roofs? There is no need to fear anymore! The top NY Roof Repair Contractor is here for you to provide superb Roof Leak Maintenance Services and always delivers work as promised. To get long lasting Roof Waterproofing work done on time and that too in a professional manner, contact us now!
New Roof Installation Services
Do you want to Install New Roofs and don’t know whom to entrust with the task? One of The best New York Roof Repair Contractors give you outstanding New Roof Installation Services. Proficient people aided with new Roofing Technology and Top Class Roofing Material, will provide you with quality work which will ensure a long life for your New Roof.
Roof Removal Services
We are here to serve you if you need our services in Roof Removal! You don’t have to worry as we are well aware of your Roofing Construction needs and wants. We provide high quality work with capable advice for further Roof Improvement. The Roof Removal will be done at your disposal to fulfill our claim of giving our customers’ satisfaction the most of importance.
Emergency Roof Repair Services

Do you need Urgent Roof Repair Services? Want expert Roof Repair Work done at prices that suit your pocket? The premier New York Roof Repair Contractor is just the solution for you as it renders services in the same area. Our work is remarkable and at highly economical costs, putting an end to all your Roof Repair Problems.


Services provided by one of the best NY General Construction Contractor in New York & the the Tri-State Area:

General Construction
Roof Installation
Sidewalk / Concrete Work
Cold Roofs
Wood Work
Flat Roofs
Hot Roofs
Renovation & Restoration Work
Rubberized Roofs
Four Ply Roof
Windows / Doors
EPDM Roofing
Residential Roofing
Dry Wall
Roof Replacement / Roof Repair
Commercial Roofing
Plaster & Paint
Local Law 11 Work
Industrial Roofing
Kitchen & Bathroom
Stucco Work
Cement Work
Remodelling Work
Brick Grinding & Pointing
All Kinds of Stucco
Home Improvement
Brick Work
California Stucco
Brick Replacement
Chimney Work
Parapet Walls
All Kinds of Flashings
Sheet Rock Work
Window Lintels & Window Sills
Black Top
Power Wash / Steam Wash
Scaffold Work
Pressure Wash
Shingle Roofs
Brick Sealer (Waterproofing)
Building Cleaning
Demolition Work
Ceramic Tiles
Basement Waterproofing
Roof Hatches
Tile Work
Fire Escapes
Scupper / Drains
Wooden & Metal Beams
Window Caulking
Vinyl Tiles
Ceiling / Drop Ceiling
Terracotta Work
Building Restoration
Thorocoat / Thoroseal
All Kinds of Vents
Metal Flashing / Metal Capping
Coping Stones


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